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Please Vote – Oct. 20th

About Murray

Murray is a longtime resident of Yellow Point, a member of the McNab farming family and the driving force behind the popular MCNAB’S CORN MAZE.

As a committed volunteer to the Area H community, Murray has served on the Advisory Planning Commission, the Parks Commission, the North Oyster Fire Department, the board of the North Oyster Community Centre and the Nanaimo Airport Commission.

He is an active member of this community, making significant financial contributions to community projects and putting in many hours of volunteer work on the community centre and area parks, as well as offering assistance to neighbours whenever they need a hand.

Hello residents of Area H,

At the recent All Candidates Meeting, a fellow Candidate accused my running for Director of Area H as being in a conflict of interest due to my involvement with the subdivision of the Old Rice Farm. (This farm, was never used to grow rice, but is the family name.)

A bit of history about Old Rice Farm:

Frank Rice Sr. and Agnus Rice purchased this quarter section of land in 1932. One generation owned the farm, before it was sold to Yellow Point Ventures (YPV).

While I am the President of YPV, I only own 10% of the shares in this company.

The 141 acres was purchased by Yellow Point Ventures in late 2006, and only after the property had been offered to the neighbours to the South and the East.

Since that time 6 lots have been sold, all bordering on Yellow Point Road. We have completed Viola Lane to the southern edge of Phase 2, along with roughing in the road to the proposed turnaround in Phase 3.

Phase 2 will have 4, 5 acre lots, along with 2 larger lots, so as to keep areas previously used to grow potatoes intact. We are currently waiting for the final approval of Phase 2.

At the request of the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), we have provided a 20m wide right of way (ROW) from our roundabout to the Northern boundary of I.R. 13.

When the 3rd phase of this development is completed, we must pave the entire length of Viola Lane, including the bulb at the end.

So, as you can hopefully see, we have not cleared any land with the exception of the 20m wide ROW for the construction of a Viola Lane, as per MOTI request.

The People on the Advisory Planning Commission stepped aside at the time of application, due to a perceived conflict of interest. They knew of the principles of Yellow Point Ventures.

Instead, the staff of the CVRD took over this file, reviewed it, and made recommendations regarding this subdivision.

If I am elected, I will step down as the President of Yellow Point Ventures. I will declare a conflict of interest each and every time anything remotely concerning this property is discussed.

This will be no different, than when I declare a conflict of interest, if anything comes up that pertains to the Cottonwood Golf Course, as I am a member of this golf course.

I do hope that this clears up some of the confusion caused.


Murray McNab

Murray’s Platform

Here are the main planks in Murray’s electoral platform:

  • Murray will immediately share all relevant CVRD information that affects Area H.
  • Murray will support revitalization of the Area H Parks Commission, Fire Commission and Advisory Planning Commission.
  • Murray will initiate the process to update the Official Community Plan. Extensive public consultation will be a part of this process.
  • Murray will work towards preservation of the existing water supply, as well as encouraging property owners to implement water storage strategies during the rainy months.
  • Murray will seek incentives for property owners to lessen the fire risk in the interface between homes, farm structures etc. and the forest that surrounds them.
  • Murray will pursue comprehensive planning for wildfire events. This includes a directory that lists equipment and manpower available in Area H and surrounding communities, along with maps showing the location of ALL water sources available for fire fighting.
  • Murray will be accessible to all residents of Yellow Point and the Diamond, listen to their concerns and make every effort to resolve those that come within his mandate.
  • If elected, Murray will donate his first year’s net pay toward one of the following: either construction of a walking/biking trail along Yellow Point Road, or to a local charity. Please let him know your preference!

Get in Touch

Contact Murray by email at murray@electmurraymcnab.ca

Please Vote!

Elect Murray McNab for CVRD Area H Director. The general voting day is October 20th. Please scroll down for polling locations and times.

General Voting Day

– Date – October 20th, 2018

– Polling Place – North Oyster Elementary
13470 Cedar Road

– Hours – 8:00am to 8:00pm