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Endorsements & Testimonials

“Murray has been a neighbour and friend for decades; always honest, 
forthright and supportive of our community.

As Director he will
 provide fresh oversight and transparency to issues impacting Area H.”

– Frank Allison

“Just writing to show my support for Murray McNab in upcoming election for Area H Regional Director.

Murray has been involved in the community in an official capacity starting with the fire department since he was in high school and later with the parks board.

Murray and his family have been part of our community since the early sixties, and knows the history and a great many of the families of this district. 
With his background in agriculture and experience in civil engineering, I believe he would bring a balanced approach in meeting future the needs of the community.”

– George Rullo

“The above photo of the McNab farm illustrates that it is one of only two in Area H that had a private Forest Land Management Plan developed (30 years ago). The other is Gary Backlund’s place.”

– Don Pigott

“Ironically, Murray may have been narrowly passed up for the position in the last election because he doesn’t ‘play politics’. What you see is what you get.

Murray is too modest to blow his own horn about his countless contributions, publicized or not to the community over the decades. He does not however hesitate to bring attention to issues he feels can be improved upon in the community and to voice his opinion (although his sharp wit and dry sense of humour can be lost on some on social media).

More than just offering opinions though, he has actually become personally involved, contributing time and money or equipment to various community projects, big and small. He has also partaken in countless public meetings and been an active member of various committees and commissions over the years.

Our families have literally worked side by side in the traditional spirit of a farming community and having McNab’s as neighbours has made it a better place for me and my family to call home.”

– Ian Wyndlow

“I first met Murray McNab roughly 15 years ago when I was asked to sit on the Area H Advisory Planning Commission. Since that time, I have had numerous interactions with Murray relating to volunteer work in the parks, agricultural and local political matters.

I have always found Murray to be realistic, forthright, honest, and ethical almost to a fault.

His many years of volunteer work and generosity is proof enough for me his heart is and always has been focused on the well being of the whole community from Yellow Point in the Northeast to the Diamond in the Southwest.

I know, if elected, Murray will work in Duncan for the benefit of all citizens living in Area H and not just for vocal special interest groups.”

– Mike Fall, Cassidy BC

“In the almost 20 years I have lived and farmed in Yellow Point, Murray McNab has been one of the greatest advocates for all forms of agriculture within this region and throughout Vancouver Island.

His understanding of food security, product to market transportation, and the ALC/ALR procedures as they pertain to the CVRD are an asset to anyone wishing to be involved in agriculture.

There is a place for all types and sizes of farms within this region. Murray’s support of this diversity is an important asset to the Agriculture Community and the Area H community at large.

Showing children (and adults) that food comes from farms, gardens and hard work, not big box stores is a great virtue Murray McNab has given to this community.”

– Grant Keefer, Yellow Point Cranberries

“Murray McNab is an exceptional candidate to represent the interests of those living in Area H. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position as well as a strong commitment to community.

Murray has first hand experience with water management, from his engineering technologist work experience that includes drilling wells in the area, designing and building roads, water systems, drainage and sewer systems, to ground water collection and irrigation on the farm. This is a unique skill set, with experience in municipal water systems as well as owner operated wells and irrigation.

He has knowledge and experience reading and interpreting land usage maps and zoning. He knows the processes that are in place as it pertains to land development and usage. He is committed to transparency and integrity and fully understands the importance of representing the community. He has direct experience working with the CVRD during the time he spent on the Airport and Parks Commission.

Along with more formal volunteer participation in the fire department, Airport Commission and Parks Commission, Murray is an engaged supportive member of the community, ready to plow driveways when it snows, pull someone out of a ditch, move tress that have fallen down, help with parking lot improvements at the Old North Oyster School site, or move a fence that was in danger of igniting at the recent fire.

Knowledge, Experience and Community: three words that describe Murray McNab.”

– B. Bartleman

“On at least two memorable occasions (requiring a tractor) Murray has been the neighbour we turned to in crisis. Busy as he is, both times he dropped whatever he was doing and arrived at our place within minutes. We are forever grateful to him.

I served with Murray on the late-lamented Area H Parks Commission and found him to be a breath of fresh air, always quick to cut to the chase, knowledgeable about the history of the park in question and perceptive about the specific issue.

Murray is known to be one of the most stalwart supporters and contributors of time, money and resources to the reconstruction of the North Oyster Community Centre, from the day in 1993 when the building was moved across the street right up to the present.”

– Barb Waters

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