Murray McNab

About Murray

Murray is a longtime resident of Yellow Point, a member of the McNab farming family, and the driving force behind the popular MCNAB’S CORN MAZE.

As a committed volunteer to the Area H community, Murray has served on the Advisory Planning Commission, the Parks Commission, the North Oyster Fire Department, the board of the North Oyster Community Centre and the Nanaimo Airport Commission.

He is an active member of this community, making significant financial contributions to community projects and putting in many hours of volunteer work on the community centre and area parks, as well as offering assistance to neighbours whenever they need a hand.

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North Oyster Community Centre

When the old school was slated for demolition in 1993 Murray and others paid for it to be moved across the road to its current location. In the ensuing years Murray has continued to devote much time, effort and financial resources to its reconstruction.

Elliot’s Beach

Murray was the catalyst for the construction of Elliot's Beach Park. In the days when the Parks Commission played a much more active role in the construction and maintenance of Area H parks, Murray donated thousands of hours, including machine time, to parks activities.


Murray was a founding member of the Harmac Arboretum Society, and has donated time and equipment to the restoration. Photos show clean up of storm damage.

A bit of history about the Old Rice Farm

As you may know, Murray is president and 10% owner of Yellow Point Ventures which was established in 2006.

If elected, he will step down from his position. He will declare a conflict of interest if and when any issues regarding the subject property on Yellow Point Road and Viola Lane are brought to CVRD attention.

The history:

Frank Rice Sr. and Agnes Rice purchased this quarter section of land in 1932. One generation owned the farm, before it was sold to Yellow Point Ventures (YPV).

The 141 acres was purchased by Yellow Point Ventures in late 2006, and only after the property had been offered to the neighbours to the South and the East.

Since that time 6 lots have been sold, all bordering on Yellow Point Road. YPV have completed Viola Lane to the southern edge of Phase 2, along with roughing in the road to the proposed turnaround in Phase 3.

Phase 2 will have 4, 5 acre lots, along with 2 larger lots, so as to keep areas previously used to grow potatoes intact. YPV are currently waiting for the final approval of Phase 2.

At the request of the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), YPV have provided a 20m wide right of way (ROW) from the roundabout to the Northern boundary of I.R. 13.

When the 3rd phase of this development is completed, YPV must pave the entire length of Viola Lane, including the bulb at the end.

So, as you can hopefully see, they have not cleared any land with the exception of the 20m wide ROW for the construction of Viola Lane, as per MOTI request.

Members of the Advisory Planning Commission stepped aside at the time of application, due to a perceived conflict of interest. They knew of the principles of Yellow Point Ventures.

Instead, the staff of the CVRD took over this file, reviewed it, and made recommendations regarding this subdivision.