Murray McNab

Murray’s Platform

Here are the main planks in Murray’s electoral platform:

  1. Murray will immediately share all relevant CVRD information that affects Area H on his website.
  2. Having recently been appointed to the revised Parks Commission, if elected Murray will step down from this position.
  3. Murray supports revitalization of the Area H Parks Commission, Fire Commission and Advisory Planning Commission.
  4. Murray looks forward to updating the Area H portion of the new regional Official Community Plan. Extensive public consultation will be a part of this process.
  5. Murray supports preservation and protection of the existing water supply, and will work towards a program to assist property owners to implement water storage strategies during the rainy months.
  6. Murray will seek incentives for property owners to lessen the fire risk in the interface between homes, farm structures and other buildings and the forest that surrounds them.
  7. Murray will pursue comprehensive planning for wildfire events. This includes a compiling a local directory listing equipment and manpower available in Area H and surrounding communities, along with maps showing the location of ALL water sources available for fire fighting.
  8. Murray will be accessible to all residents of Yellow Point and the Diamond, listen to their concerns and make every effort to resolve those that come within his mandate.
  9. If elected, Murray will donate his first year’s net pay toward one of the following: either construction of the proposed walking/biking trail along Yellow Point Road, or a local charity. Please let him know your preference!Update Nov 19th: Someone said NO CAN DO!

Endorsements & Testimonials